Premiere: A1 – Barut – Opoli [MLNT002]

The quality output of this fledgling label belies its young age and at only coming up on its second release, you could be forgiven for thinking that Moulinet was much further down the road than this.

With Idana inaugurating the vinyl only label with the “Drive Hannah” EP last May, it is now time to reveal Moulinet second issue’s A1 in its entirety.

Newcomer Barut, who has in the recent past made appearances on esteemed labels such as UVAR and Botanic Minds, has in a short space of time has set up shop in the realm of spacey, progressive minimal house.

True to form, the A1 track “Opoli” means business from the off with an urgent 303 bassline settles into the groove nice and early and sets off at a steady pace. It is all about setting the right tone and atmosphere from the beginning and Barut does a great job of this with his lush, evolving pads and taught drum programming.

The simplicity and calibre of the production on “Opoli” and the remainder of the EP is what gives this release its greatest appeal. The strength of the melody that runs throughout the EP is so compelling it is infectious and these sort of earworm tracks is what will keep bringing DJ’s back to that particular part in their bags time and time again. That is also not to mention the quality of the pressing and marbled colour vinyl that will attract the eye in and out of the bag. Great things beckon for both Barut and Moulinet.

You can get your hands on this limited release via and Technique Tokyo.

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