Premiere: A1 – Alci – Ukiyo [RTC002]


Alci steps up for the second release of the newfound RTC Series.

Following Nu Zau’s stunning remix featured in our premiere last year, the Swiss producer brings three unique cuts to RTC’s second vinyl release.

‘Ukiyo’ meanders through a patient groove occupying a full side of the vinyl. Nothing more than a clinical hi-hat, crisp clap and a slippery bassline leave you gasping for more, as elements tease in and out of the mix during the eight-minute stretch.

Alci’s knack for playing with tension release is at full effect throughout the track. Slinky pops and cracks weave themselves between lean rhythms with a deliciously seductive charm. Sounds lean towards a predominantly mystical and otherworldly palate, with the occasional dissonant piano entering the mix.

It is evident each track is taken from a loose jam session that could well have been happening for hours. The Swiss workhorse illustrated this flow-state production style in his recent EP for DeWalta’s Meander, heard in our premiere of ‘Sonsuz Seconds’.

Elements evolve with a casual and natural demeanour, whether it’s lacing an extra hat into the groove or dropping a clap, arrangements float by in a wink., the label’s co-founder alongside Tobe, advised of a natural progression for the label: “We want to build a relationship with the artists, creating friendships through music and inviting people who have played at our events to continue the bond”.

Alci’s ‘Take Two’ nods to the organic palate associated with much of the Romanian minimal market. Hypnotising percussive loops roll over a tight breakbeat that could slot comfortably into a peak time set from Rhadoo.

The connection between Switzerland and Romanian has been a long-time affair, as explained, “it started back in the days when we had the first Round The Corner event in the Lady Bar, Basel, with Vlad Caia and Donna Liri; after that, it all worked out organically, we started working with George from Sunrise, and over the years it became a friendship.

Similarly with Alci, “we have been friends for more than 8 years now, we have a great bond, I can remember we had one super cool b2b set together at the old Supermarket Club in Zürich & he has supported us since the beginning of Round The Corner, so in the end it makes sense he’s delivering the 002 of our vinyl series”.

Preorder the EP at Redeye Records.

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