Premiere: B2. Dubfluss & Rowlanz – Intergalactic (Subb-An Remix) [RWL002]

Formed last year, Rowle is a label that has remained fairly illusive in regards to those who are behind it. With the sole purpose of sharing futuristic house music from a place of no ego, the minds behind it do their best to stick to what is important and focusing on the artistic direction of their imprint, through an audio and visual journey.

The team consists of a few members who have been in each others company for many years, sharing friendships found on the dance floors of Europe. Travelling, dancing, conversing and laughing is what connected these like minded individuals and allowed them to take steps in the scene, as well as replicating these activities with other music fanatics across the globe. In modern times the ability to connect through social platforms can be a huge tool when it comes to making new connections, but these guys are always popping up on dance-floors, and not just Facebook inbox’s!

So with the common ground they share and the drive and passion for sharing good vibes, the group started their journey. It was clear that there where three very pertinent attributes between the guys, curiosity, need for discovery, and pure and innocent love for the music. With these values in mind, their symbol throughout their artwork is a small child, the most curious beings on earth with big hearts and a need for adventure. The name Rowle is a play on words in relation to the noun ‘Role’. This corresponds to the role that music has had in their lives, the responsibility of connecting people and reaching out, and their objective of spreading something special out to the masses – three different ‘roles’. En route to their destination, they picked up Juli Jah, a Lithuanian born Berlin based artist who has created the perfect artwork to accompany the music, and quite literally paint a picture of what the label stands for.

Music-wise the first release dropped last November, a collection of tracks from V.I.C.A.R.I, Bobby O’Donnell, Paolo Rocco and Jack Wickham. The first stop on the intergalactic voyage recieved support from Raresh, John Dimas, Petre Inspirescu and Shonky as well as Rich, Archie and Seb from the FUSE camp. The mission was a success and the Rowle spacecraft is now set to land for the second time in late June.

Dubfluss and Rowlanz have combined forces for this release, composing two original tracks as solo artists, as well as collaborating on the title track ‘Intergalactic’. The overall vibe of the release outlines the sound of the label further, with more pad work then a boxing gym and a lot of carefully selected FX which travel through the tracks. Not only have we had the pleasure of partying with these beautiful people as well as their artists on many occasions, we have also been given the opportunity to present you with a full length preview of the remix on the next release, coming from Subb-an!


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