Trommel.153 – Subb-an

Where do we begin introducing an artist such as Subb-an? Ash is one of the cornerstones of the UK tech house and minimal community and he has been for some time. Having risen through the ranks of the UK scene at an alarming rate, there are few influential labels that he hasn’t made an appearance on. From his time spent on Crosstown Rebels, Leftroom, Culprit and of course his own co-ran seminal imprint One Records.

More recently Subb-an has begun moving in slightly different spheres and while maintaining his roots he still moves with the times. This has meant him turning out for a wide range of events such as Junction 2, Locus, Gottwood, Half Baked, The Loft, and that is just his recent UK gigs. Another artist with a serious amount of air miles under his belt he is constantly migrating across the globe spreading the word of house music in all its tech glory.

Having welcomed Subb-an way back when to our podcast series alongside Adam Shelton as S.A.S. we couldn’t wait to have Ash roll out a mix for us in solo mode and that time has finally arrived. With Ash’s recent output hitting hot labels such as Phonica AM, Seven Hills and 20:20 Vision we find him at home, where as always, he melds bad ass basslines, tightly woven grooves and a flow that few can match. If you like what you hear, and we are sure you will, we have a feeling it won’t be long before Subb-an stops by your nearest hot party as he makes way back around the world.

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