Premiere: A2 – Yamen & EDA – Joe Kerr (Youandewan Remix) [ONE050]

One Records are back and it’s another milestone release for the Birmingham born label. After celebrating 10 years in the game back in 2020 with a three part series, the next honorary point was right around the corner. Label mainstays Yamen & EDA return to the fore for the 50th release, which is coming next week.

The French duo have been a part of the One Records family since the early days. In recent years, they have held a determined focus on their own platform Maison Mere. But as the sound of Subb-an’s selection has shifted, so has that of the Montpellier pair and it has moved in a similar direction.

Subb-an himself remixes the B side with his usual flair for bass-led drive. The A side however, gets the Youandewan treatment. It’s a treatment that is typical of the Small Hours co-creator. A distinctive sound that makes the remixer instantly recognisable.

Youandewan’s rework of ‘Joe Kerr’ starts with acidic melody, laden over a punching bassline. Echoed vocal drifts into an atmospheric lift of the beat, before groove breathes neatly back in.

Slick percussion taps a neat rhythm over the airy beat, as mystical synth notes flutter a firmer presence. Blending between lighter chord sequences, polished percussion keeps the class. It’s a full sound that moves from longer tones of the atmospheric into the classic sounds of house.

But the more obvious trademark of the artist delivers through the manipulation of the melodies. Back and forth in pitch, stripped into stabs that breeze effortlessly over the groove.

Buy the record from Juno or, available in digital via Beatport.

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