One Connection launches with a day rave at Night Tale’s Loft

There is no denying that One Records have made an indelible mark on the world electronic music scene. From their early days throwing parties in Birmingham Subb-an and Adam Shelton have crafted one of the UK’s most respected imprints. With over a decade of throwing label parties at the world’s finest clubs they are now taking a fresh approach to the parties that they will be throwing.

Since Adam Shelton stepped away from the label Subb-an has continued the legacy of the brand and with it they have developed the reimagined party brand One Connection. Not wishing to stick with the tried and tested label party format, One Connection will be taking a broader look at the labels influences in all its many forms and ensuring they are all well presented at their raves. Ash explains the new party direction, After a solid ten years of running the label and events it feels like a natural progression to extend One and start something fresh. One Connection ties in the fundamentals and organic feel of the original One concept but broadens the direction in musicality”.

The first of these will be taking place at Night Tale’s Loft space on Sunday, December 4th and will feature a tidy cast of artists. First and foremost, will be founder Subb-an, and for anybody that caught his mix for us recently will know he has the art of the groove down and pat. He will be joined by fellow Trommel podcaster Silverlining and like Ash, Asad’s credentials are beyond reproach. Also, taking control of NT’s Loft will be peak time banger dealer N-Gynn and his output has been consistently jaw dropping. With releases on the likes of Pleasure Club, Zietnot and Superlux his fierce creations give any soundsystem a serious workout.

Completing the line-up is fellow One Records curator Wickham and Marlie. The former, alongside Subb-an, has been instrumental in pushing One Records into new planes. An artist in his own right, Jack Wickham has been on the scene for quite some time and with releases on esteemed labels such as Mindhelmet, Infuse, and of course One Records. He has also been cooking up some absolute bombs alongside Kepler and you can now grab ONE052 from their Bandcamp page now. The former, Marlie, is a rising star in the underground scene. This Australian selector has more than cut her teeth at parties like S.A.S.H., FUSE, as well as a slew of other London raves.

One Connection is already off to a flyer with a line-up like this and with this also doubling as NT’s Loft 7th Birthday so the vibes are assured from the very beginning. This will be the first party of many and with 2023’s schedule coming in hot with Birmingham welcoming Cristi Cons and parties in Amsterdam, Mexico and many more One Connections to follow.

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