Premiere: B1 – Viceversa – Arizona [MTSLTD001]


Italy based imprint Mōtŭs invite Viceversa, Lorenzo Chiabotti and Topper for their first vinyl release.

Since its inception last year with their 15-track V/A release, the crews’ ‘Italian Artisans’ series has curated a fruitful number of compilations featuring strictly Italian artists, such as Patrizio Gabrielli and Torino’s Alessio Gallea.

As a testament to the nation’s rich electronic music history, the label aim to continue this vision, with only Italian artists shaping each release.

Branching out from the local scene, minimal stalwarts Topper and Lorenzo Chiabotti contribute a cut each, as well as Vicecersa continuing a prolific streak of form, after his recent release for Nu Zau & Sepp’s UVAR.

‘Arizona’ brings a refreshing mood to this featured premiere. Moving away from much of the Italian’s more contemplative works, Viceversa stretches out into full pleasure mode during this 12-minute bomb.

A spiralling bassline grips the track with a enticingly muted charm. Notes are gentle and inoffensive, squirming between one another with a warm, submissive effect. Subtle synths mirroing the low end slowly wash into the mix, glimmering at the rear of dreamy textural work tucked beneath the groove.

Ideas are given copious amounts of time to breathe and evolve in this long-form jam, aided by intricate tweaks to hi-hat and claps, this flow-state piece feels as if it could loop for hours. Extended sections establish space for the creative multi-deck mixing, often optimised by many minimalist selectors.

Topper opens the A-side with a dense slow burner. Flexing his tendency for mind-bending atmospheres, trickly percussion leaks between twisted vocal slurs and a dubby bassline dying to soak up a sub woofer.

Lorenzo Chiabotti brings a more joyous affair in his contribution, slipping a nimble low end between stunning, glacial-like synths to conclude this versatile release.

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