Trommel.055 – Viceversa

In recent times, the Unknown Artist trend found a new high and as a result lot of music and sneaky edits are released using this escamotage.

Almost every artist used it at least once in their career, either to try a different approach and experiment a variation of sound, or alternatively to put out some unofficial rework. In many cases, is very clear who is behind each track, at least for who works within the industry. For everyone outside, this helps to increase the hype as several names are guessed in the attempt to link a name to the music.

However, there is an artist that was really able to keep up the mystery not only about his music, but around his whole identity: Viceversa.

The Italian artist had a steady and fast growth from a production point of view, and his DJ profile is quickly following this surge.

Since the establishment of his own imprint in 2016, and receiving support from the likes of Raresh and Enzo Siragusa since day one, Viceversa music was able to convince everyone in the minimal field in just less than three years filled by several productions.

Apart from his own Viceversa homeplace, where most of his music found space, the external labels he released on just confirmed his success: East End Dubs’ Eastenderz, Giuliano Lomonte’s Point Of View, OGE, MTMLTD, Curtea Veche and Underground Town are only few and well explain why he is one of Romanian favorites.

Being followed by Trommel since the very early days, we are now glad to unveil his mix as part of our Podcast Series, with 1h38m of groovy sounds from a different dimension.

More info on Viceversa
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