Half Baked prepare an extended Halloween session at Studio 9294

Half Baked has long been central to London’s thriving scene. Dotting between various DIY warehouses, venues and spaces, the collective has provided timeless memories for many ravers in the capital.

The crew are regularly inviting the likes of Zip, Raresh and Margaret Dygas to intimate spaces around the city. Each showcase provides a unique experience to witness many of the scene’s leading selectors on excellent sound systems amongst a like-minded crowd.

To celebrate their annual Halloween occasion, the crew returns to Studio 9294 on Saturday 29th October, transforming the space into another world for a night of music and memorable, spooky-inspired outfits.

The date also arrives as an unofficial release party for two artists that have released on the Half Baked label in recent years which were never celebrated due to Covid restrictions. To mark this special occasion, the night will run until 6am at Studio 9294 before heading to Star Lane Pizza Bar to continue the party right through till 1pm.

Joining the crew this time are the taste making duo SIT. The Romanian wizards Cristi Cons and Vlad Caia host a long history in the minimal movement, taking their time to shape a timeless sound that has become a profound force within the world of house and techno.

Alongside various collaborative studio works through their label Amphia, both artists have their own esteemed solo catalogue showcasing their devotion to sound. The duo released Half Baked’s 15th vinyl output with an EP back in 2019, arriving just before clubs began to shut down.

After recognising their synergetic and effortless energy together behind the booth, the SIT project has evolved into a must-see act, sifting through intriguing dance floor cuts dripping with colour. The pair now finally have the opportunity to showcase their sound in London.

Their extended sets across the world’s finest clubs and festivals in the likes of Sunwaves and Hoppetosse have caught the attention of many music lovers across the globe, creating inspiring memories for those on the dance floor.

Joining SIT on the bill is the prolific Giuliano Lomonte. The Italian artist has been experiencing the fruits of his labour in recent years, pushing a mesmeric amount of music on the likes of Dana Ruh’s Brouqade, Fumiya Tanaka’s Ultrastrech and the infamous Pressure Traxx label.

Teasing between a trippy and ethereal palate, his work treads the line between body and head music with an infectious charm. Both his tracks and DJ sets channel immense groove, whilst dipping into emotive moods and atmospheres; the perfect complement to SIT’s refined sound.

Lisbon based and Bloop affiliate CRUZ also features on the bill, bringing his sultry flavours to compliment this slick line-up alongside long time Half Baked resident Greg Brockmann. The level of knowledge between this pair is sure to set an idyllic tone in Studio 9294, both artists host years of club culture and music exploration under their belt.

It would be wise to expect several surprise appearances in the excellent sounding Star Lane after party venue that regularly sees the likes of Christian AB, Binh and Onur Ozer to name a few.

Buy tickets for Half Baked’s Halloween here.

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