Half Baked welcomes ReSolute and Raresh to East London

Half Baked Records and their events has been enjoying one of their finest years to date and their 10th birthday year has been one for the books. Their latest release hitting their 20th edition coming from Margaret Dygas and the previous offering came from Luca Piermattei their label is going great guns. It is however, their events arm that is regularly grabbing headlights and with recent parties in Amsterdam, Miami, New York, and of course London. It is their upcoming party on their home turf that we focus on now.

Their upcoming party on Saturday, August 27th will be a collaborative party alongside American specialists ReSolute. Having hosted Half Baked recently in New York it is time for HB to return the favour. Where better to throw such a party than their second homes of Studio 9294 and Star Lane Pizza Bar. The first section of this party will be at the warehouse expanse of Studio 9294 and latter will take place at the more intimate surroundings of Star Lane Pizza Bar.

There are no details available just yet on how each party will breakdown but we can confirm that the line-up is spot on. Taking pride of place on this line-up and pretty much everywhere he is booked to play is RPR man Raresh. His performances bristle with only the finest cuts of house, techno, breaks and garage and we are certain that his London leaning style will go down a storm. Joining him will be Luckison co-founder Mayell and the very much in form Slovenian is now looking to make even more waves as a solo artist Traffic Records have welcomed his ‘Zreducirirka’ EP with open arms.

Residents and major driving force of Half Baked will see Greg Brockmann and Sam Bangura who have been since the early days influential characters. As the party will be running for around 15 hours there will also be space and time for more guests from ReSolute to bring the NYC flavour to London. You will just need to wait and see how will be making the hop across The Pond.

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