Review: Do Or Die – Nazca Lines [TP012]

The first I time I came across producer Do Or Die was admittedly when his nine-track LP ‘Alien GF‘, released on Nicolas Lutz’s My Own Jupiter label back in 2017, hit record stores. It seemed like a quintessential MOJ release, menacing, atmospheric and somewhat dystopian. To my surprise, after checking Discogs I noticed it was his first release.

A second release on the same label would follow in late 2018, Imposible Materia, with the crown jewel of the EP, ‘Lost‘, whipping crowds into a frenzy for months after. It only seems natural then that he’d release on Binh‘s Time Passages to equal fanfare with his ‘Nazca Lines‘ EP.

The aptly named ’90s’ is seemingly birthed straight from the rambunctious and heady days of warehouse raves during the decade. An unapologetic acid bassline thrashes throughout whilst euphoric keys and serious drum rolls combine into sensation of ecstasy.

I’m not sure whether Do Or Die was there during the warehouse raves of the 90s. But this one feels directly inspired by sunbeams bursting through gaps in windows on a Sunday morning and would have a similar effect during a Monday morning aboard Hoppetosse.

The shining light of the 12″ has to go to the wonderfully crafted musical Frankenstein that is ‘Nazca Lines.’ The stitching together of the droning bassline, drips of acid, chilling vocals and ominous melody make for an incredibly haunting track. One that seems almost handcrafted for the likes of both Nicolas Lutz and Binh.

Also featuring is ‘EBM’, a no-nonsense dancefloor thumper, featuring Do Or Die’s now recognisable gritty sound. In all, it’s an exceptional EP from a producer whose work is quickly becoming ‘Buy On Sight’.

Nazca Lines is unsurprisingly out of stock from most record stores, with a few remaining copies at Juno.

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