Premiere: A2 – Do Or Die – Acelerate Response [AOD009]

Dancefloors. Dancefloors. Dancefloors. They’re being missed ever so dearly in every corner of the world. Whilst some people have leaned on comforting and/or nostalgic music to help them through the pandemic, the post-apocalyptic, dancefloor-based sound that labels such as Art of Dark and My Own Jupiter mostly champion have only upped the heartache with every release.

When it comes to twisted basslines and gruesome melodies, few artists can match Do or Die‘s output, either quality or quantity-wise. After a string of stellar releases on the likes of My Own Jupiter, Time Passages, and PARTOUT, a release on London-based and scene pioneers Art of Dark feels like an organic and much-deserved progression.

The debuts on these labels haven’t been built on sentiment, the Madrid-based producer has quickly and deservedly risen to become one of the scene’s most respected producers with his refreshing interpretations of acid and techno by infusing them with elements of EBM and electro to create a juxtaposition of a vintage-inspired track that feels distinctly futuristic.

‘Acelerate Response’ from his ‘Chainsaw Man’ EP sounds like a perfect encapsulation of both Do or Die and Art of Dark’s sound. He’s a wonderful craftsman of the sonic elements, ensuring his dancefloor-driven sound is perfectly designed to wreak havoc in clubs. What sets him apart from similar producers, and this is showcased on Accelerate Example, is his talent for creating tracks that seamlessly, and intensely bounce between their different musical elements to create head-spinning, peak-time records.

His penchant for blurring the lines between futuristic and retro is ever-prevalent, with the chord progressions seemingly fitting both descriptions. The pulsating bassline which increases in intensity with every repetition, as well as the flutters of background bleeps, are no-doubt straight from the future. The idiosyncratic and murky, retro-inspired vocals which introduce the breakdowns have what has become a signature-style Do Or Die feel to them creating an unapologetically peak-time thrasher.

Further showcasing his apocalyptic sound is A1’s ‘Lost 2’, a dystopian acid number with a hefty breakbeat-into-acid drop that’s suitable for the current state of the world. A flip of the wax reveals ‘AV Wolf’, a track not for the faint-hearted where Michael Myers meets chugging techno, complete with wolf howls and rips of a chainsaw. ‘Paint The White House Black’ rounds off the EP, illustrating Do Or Die’s melancholic side with deeper pads than the rest of the EP, albeit of course with a chaotic bassline complete with pounding drums.

Do or Die’s Chainsaw Man EP is available to purchase from Juno,, or any good record store.

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