Review: Michelle – Undirectional Flow EP [MOJ14]

When we mentioned Uruguayan producer Michelle as one of our 12 artists to watch in 2020, we commented on the plethora of music we knew she was sitting on. Her live sets throughout 2019 were a blistering success and offered a glimpse into the delights which are her unreleased discography. The hope for new music was admittedly a slim one, but Michelle now returns to the label where she made her name, Nicolas Lutz’s My Own Jupiter with her Undirectional Flow EP.

It’s easy to identify “Claroscuro” as the EP’s crown jewel straight away and with good reason, with it being cut straight from the cloth of the driving techno and pumping acid that she’s become known for. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s an epic cut, the bassline in Claroscuro is a face-scruncher even for her standards, squelching and twisting in conjunction with the eerie, spine-tingling melody and makes no apology for it’s booming peak-time potential.

Even though she works within the restrictive boundaries of decades-old genres, Michelle always seems to find a way to make her music wholly distinctive and different from every other techno record on the shelves. Which is why with tracks such as “Russian Sis”, the appreciation grows with every listen. Russian Sis’ selling point is the modulating and morphing bassline, which she evidently has an affinity for, it screeches, it coils, the melody is subtle yet chilling and the breakdowns go deep before kicking the track back into life. Perfect for when someone such as Nicolas Lutz is bringing the tempo down only to crank it up another gear or two.

“Ballflower” showcases Michelle’s more melodic and deeper side, pushing her melodies into more melancholic and esoteric territory whilst the rolls of her snare drum and charming keys ensure this track is still able to whip up dancefloors. Rounding off the EP is “Orgon”, a rattling acid track that jitters between being introspective and being a dancefloor destroyer, although the intense 303 ensures it’s more of the latter.

Undirectional Flow is now available to purchase from Juno, Deejay, or any good record store of your choice.

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