Free Download: Michelle – Epidomolig [TFD072]

Uruguayan live specialist Michelle has been on our radar for some time now. With standout releases for Cabaret Recordings, Picnic, and of course her much lauded EP’s for My Own Jupiter we are sure that she is already on yours. Her impactful releases and performances at the likes of Lighthouse Festival, Houghton Festival, and more recently her stint in The States has seen her star rise considerably. With 2023 being a standout year for Michelle, we know that 2024 will hold many more highlights.

As with all of Michelle’s productions they come with a serious bite and “Epidomolig” is no different. Leading out with a larger than life synth bassline, the detuned tones stare down the track with a mean glare that is unwavering throughout. Pinpoint drums punch through the mix with the ease of a sledgehammer on glass, but it is once the addition of the sinister synth stabs that the pressure is taken to a new level. The sampled prison phone call adds to the pitch black air of the track and we can guarantee the effect it will have on the toughest of floors will be nothing short of obliteration. For an example of the devastating effect you can hear the track being unloaded during her live set for our podcast series a while. This a secret weapon and no mistaking and Michelle has now found the perfect home for it on our Free Download series and now we gift it you.

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