Trommel.121 – Michelle (live)

It is hard to see where Uruguay’s Michelle ends and her machines begin, they are an extension of her. Her ability to convey such emotion and meaning with the use of hardware is so impressive but hardly surprising given that Nicolas Lutz prizes her abilities. With two solo EP’s on My Own Jupiter and a track on Lutzifer she is clearly on to a good thing. The fact that her first major release was the 2 x 12” EP on My Own Jupiter also points to a star in the making.

Coupling rocking beats and face-melting synths is what Michelle does best but she always managed to inject just the right amount of subtlety. There may be head swiveling acid lines but there are always melodic nuances that counterbalance these. Her mix for us is the one for the peak times but the more you listen the more you will get to know the other side of Michelle.

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