Nicolas Lutz launches new imprint Lutzifer with first EP

The pioneering My Own Jupiter co-boss Nicolas Lutz has been pushing his dark electro brand of underground electronica since his first release on the label back in 2014 and since has risen to become one of the hottest selectors on the circuit. In that time, he has been widely endorsed by a great many influential names in the biz including fabric curator Craig Richards, Swiss femme fatale Sonja Moonear and our beloved Ricardo Villalobos. Now Lutz will be doubling down on his position as a serious tastemaker by way of his new imprint Lutzifer.

Firmly flying under the radar the first Lutzifer release will be a super limited run of just 90 records and the 4 track EP will only be available through his website. News of the landmark first release came via Baby Vulture’s Instagram account and the debut collection of tracks that populate this first release features the pitch-black electronica jam ‘Catharsis’ from Baby Vulture under the guise of her given name Daniela Huerta, Digregorius’ bassline funk weapon ‘La verdad será pronto revelada’, Corp’s Massified paranoia’ deep space bomb and Latress’ ‘Ánima ácida’ as the name suggests turns out a sublime acid workout.

You can listen to clips of the EP over on the myownjupiter website but you will need to look lively to cop this EP as this and likely future releases have been limited to just 90 copies with a promise of no repress, minimal social media and certainly no digital versions.

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