Melliflow hooks up with Hoppetosse for an extended October voyage

The much-loved Berlin-based label from Alexandra and Vera will be continuing their love affair with Hoppetosse on Saturday, October 5th when they take Melliflow to the floating nightspot for a label showcase like no other. For those of you that have been to a Melliflow party or even most events at Hoppetosse you will know just how special the prospect of the combination will be.

Melliflow has always been an on-point imprint of the taste-making variety that excels in breaking new talent and driving unique, thought-provoking sounds and their party line-ups follow suit every single time. This time around the extended opening hours have afforded the Aster party to bring on board a heady arrangement of selectors in Alexandra, Anthea, Federico Molinari, KINO, OMAR, Quest, Sugar Free, Vera, WHOANN, Z@p, and a surprise guest. For when the action gets a bit too much there will also be a chill-out area that will be programmed by Baby Vulture, ChillinBerlin, Mr. Murray and Nathalia.

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