Art of Dark announce details of their annual April Bonanza 

With the memories of their joint New Year’s Day event alongside Half Baked still reverberating around the Number 90 complex, Art of Dark now delivers news of their annual April Bonanza event. Taking place between two of their favourite venues in FOLD and Starlane Pizza Bar on 13th and 14th April this historically special event promises to be just the ticket to springboard London into the warmer months.

One look at the previous events from Art of Dark just in the past 12 months is a sight to behold as joining founder Colin Chiddle is a raft of dignitaries that counts Nicolas Lutz, DJ Masda, and Francesco Del Garda as regular visitors. For a point of reference for the April shindig their 2023 edition was headed up by an outrageous b2b from two titans of the turntables Binh and Evan Baggs. You can only imagine how this night went and we can guarantee there will be similar scenes this April.

The journey will begin at the crew’s favourite haunt FOLD and with the London venue enjoying fantastically extended opening hours the party will begin in Room 1 at 11pm and the soundsystem will not be wound down until 9am at the earliest. Meanwhile Room 2 will also enjoy a similar runtime with similar scenes being foretold. As with any good party the after party is just as important as the main event and just a five minute walk away will be the intimate surroundings of Star Lane Pizza Bar which will play host to the action until nightfall.

Now we have quarterbacked your movements, we can now reveal that the headliner for this epic adventure will be none other than Onur Özer. Having just stared at our own stage at the newly minted Trotamundo festival in Ecuador as well as countless other lauded gatherings around the globe. As revered and celebrated as Onur is, you will struggle to find an online presence. In this day in age this sort of mystery and mastery is seldom found and long may it continue as Onur is a true shining light in a sea of social media. It is worth noting that this will be the only chance to catch Onur at FOLD this year and will be only one of two London dates for the whole of 2024. All the more reason to ensure that you catch the man in action at Art of Dark in April.

Joining Onur will of course be Colin Chiddle, his driving force has been instrumental in AOD becoming a pivotal figure in our scene and this is only matched by his expertly woven supporting sets. We can also break that also on the team sheet will be a pair of well known faces in Sohrab and Raphael Carrau. For the first part of the weekend taking their place in the FOLD booth will be Colin Chiddle, Onur Özer, and Raphael Carrau, and for Room 2 there will be a contrasting music policy that will not mirror that of the main room. So expect some curveballs left right and center from the yet to be announced artist, but rest assured the programming will be typically on point. This will be the very first time that Art of Dark will be utilising the second room, and with the space being a brand spanking new offering that has only been used a handful of times the prospect of having another dance space at the top London night spot is mouth watering. Later, Sohrab and London and AOD debutant DJ Vau will feature at the after party at Star Lane Pizza Bar, there will also be a a very special surprise b2b that will be announced in due course. There is much more details to come, but you will need to keep your ear to the ground for more information that will come soon enough.

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