Premiere: A1 – Jared Wilson – Always Something [USR013]

The last two years have seen London based label Undersound Recordings ramp up their releases. Despite drawing a seven year stretch of hosting parties to a close earlier this year, it seems the label is stronger than ever. Binh and Nicolas Lutz performed an epic b2b at the closing party, before the former went on to release a two track Untitled special on the platform. The next artist to the forefront is Detroit’s Jared Wilson, with a four track homage to acid.

In keeping with the theme of the EP, Always Something is a synth heavy beauty that would do just as well in the early hours of the night as it would in the late hours of the morning. The balance between relaxed atmospheric and raucous rave is struck carefully and what starts as a simple beat becomes laden with a host of different sounds and melodies as the track progresses.

The pleasantries of the introduction combine deep, soft keys with jabbing synths before dropping into a sweet baseline reminiscent of something you might have heard as house music was first breaching UK boundaries back in the late 80s. This is followed up with pin pricks of acid stabbing over another sweet melody which transforms into a barrage of darker mishmash, setting the track on fire for its closing.

This is a weird and wonderful tool perfect for captivating a crowd at a time when they might have been more inclined to let minds wander. Bouncing synthlines throughout keep the energy alight whilst the deep undertones maintain an essence of tranquillity. Early support comes from Binh and Lutz themselves, a pair of the most in demand selectors in the game.

Pre-order the record at or buy at Juno next week

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