Premiere: A1 – Sohrab – The Fool [USR017]

Berlin-based label Undersound occupies an odd, nostalgic space in regards to the music they now put out. The beloved then-London-based party played a huge part in many people’s musical education and created cherished memories in the mid-2010s. Even though the events series is now defunct, it’s easy to create a sentimental link to the current music being released by the label and how that finds it’s placed in the memories from those bygone parties and not forgetting new music finding it’s way into current record bags.

It’s no wonder then that London-based producer Sohrab beautifully encapsulates Undersound’s parties at it’s purest as he releases his four-tracker ‘Disconnected’ EP for the label’s 17th release. The Italian has long been a respected figure in the capital, a long-time friend of Andrew James Gustav, a vital part of Undersound itself as a resident, and now regularly playing for Art of Dark and at parties throughout the capital and beyond.

‘The Fool’ is sure to resonate with the murky memories of Undersounders and even give new listeners a taste of what the parties at Pickle Factory and Five Miles entailed. We’ve seen Sohrab showcase his melodic side label with ‘Sineking‘, but with ‘The Fool’, the Italian opts more for a pedal-to-the-metal dancefloor track although the slithering melody illustrates his talent for complex pads. The kick-snare combo packs a post-3AM-in-the-club punch whilst a concoction of high-tempo ingredients containing the blistering rolls of a snare, the dramatic stabs of keys, and the murky vocals in the breakdown all brew together to create a feeling that’s reminiscent of an Undersound party at it’s chaotic and sweaty peak.

Further representing the Undersound spirit on Disconnected is A2’s ‘Vertical Alignment’, a spine-tingling, bass-loaded, multi-dimensional trip that delights as much as it spooks. On the B side, we’re treated to the electrifying, modulating bassline and haunting melody of ‘Resolution’ and the downtempo, breakbeat mind-excursion ‘Digital Bliss’ aptly rounds off Sohrab’s full-debut on Undersound.

Disconnected EP is available to pre-order via Deejay, Juno, and any good record shop.

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