Premiere: B1 – J Mono – Acid_e [USR018]

Berlin-based label Undersound Recordings have always utilised their platform to give artists a leg up into wider producing circles. Their last release, from Hungarian trio Wedding Acid Group, and their Hazelnut Green EP, highlighted the stunning field of talent that exists outside of places you might expect if you just dig a little deeper. For the label’s 18th release, J Mono, one third of Wedding Acid Group, is enlisted to deliver a delectable palette of evocative downtempo and throbbing techno with his Misted EP.

The group’s previous EP showcased their penchant for harsh, fast tempo sounds that still maintain an underpinning of organic warmth to the tracks, with J Mono channelling similar artistry on Misted. It’s tough pickings, but B1’s ‘Acid_e’ might just stand out as the pick of the bunch.

The swinging drums set the tone from the get-go with a howling background melody before J Mono ups the ante throughout with zaps of bass, splutters of acid and an ever-evolving melody. The Hungarian’s quickly shown a talent for creating fanatical peak-time tracks that are brimming with a concoction of musical elements but steer clear of falling into the trap of his tracks sounding too crowded. Those familiar with the heady days of Undersound parties in London will always be able to find a nostalgic link with hearing such tracks on a dancefloor.

Also featuring on J Mono’s Misted are A-siders ‘Ltm003’ and ‘M.aus’, the former operating an ethereal trip down memory lane with a stunningly beautiful melody and bubbling bass, the latter acts as the yang to Ltm003’s ying by virtue of being a punishing and peak-time record with mind-burrowingly catchy chord progressions. Rounding off the EP is ‘Izolal’, something of an encapsulation of the entire EP, the ominous melody may give a feeling of this belonging in the early stages of a set, but as the bassline twitches and mutates into something a bit more electrifying, this one could find it’s way into the situation on the dancefloor.

Place your pre-order for J Mono’s Misted EP from Decks, Red Eye or any good record store of your choice.

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