Premiere: B1 – Wedding Acid Group – Low Moisture Acid [USR027]

Hungarian trio Wedding Acid Group (WAG) release their first vinyl album on Undersound Recordings after many years of dedication, devotion, and hard work, consisting of 8 meticulously crafted tracks, created in over a decade, between 2010 and 2021.  Every track on the album highlights a distinctive aspect of the trio’s musical skill, spanning tempos that vary from 100 to 150 bpm.

Our choice for today is B1 – “Low Moisture Acid”, the third track on Disc 1. The first disc of the album serves as a testament to the signature sounds of WAG, being composed of four hectic pieces, starting with the iconic “Toy Story” on A1, which opens up the dark break journey in a vibrant and puzzling way within the first seconds, kicking off at 150 bpm. Moving on to “Colombo Acid” on A2, and our fore-mentioned choice on B1, both keep the energy going, with A2’s pulsating beats and B1’s electrifying acid-infused synths. The last track of the disc on side C2, “Lost Memory FM” embarks on an authentic sonic journey, gets the ball going with abstract elements, and steadily evolves into the trio’s celebrated dance-floor groove.

Disc 2 invites us to delve deep into the introspective and emotive facets of WAG’s production. It’s a journey that commences with C1 – “Optimistic Acid” the only 4/4 track on this side of the record, where entrancing rhythmic grooves and dreamy melodies enchant and set the stage for a mesmerizing journey. As we continue, “Sunday Circles” on side C2 beckons us to take a detour into more profound sonic realms, guided by its evocative and playful melodies. Yet, it’s the final stretch of the album that beckons us to embark on an even more profound emotional voyage. Here, D1 – “Dog Park Memories” unfolds, a piece that culminates in the breathtaking crescendo of the closing track, “City Gate Funk” on side D2.

The two discs complement each other gracefully, with the first one setting up the fast-paced energy during the initial part of the night, while the second disc would be an excellent fit for the latter half, shaping itself up as a great choice for an afterparty during the serene morning hours.

You can pre-order the album here before its release on the 20th of September here.

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