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Undersound Recordings

Premiere: B1 – Wedding Acid Group – Low Moisture Acid [USR027]

Hungarian trio Wedding Acid Group (WAG) release their first vinyl album on Undersound Recordings after many years of dedication, devotion, and hard work, consisting...

Premiere: B1 – Scatterbaux – Chamber 27 [USR020]

Berlin-based label Undersound Recordings have always prided themselves on championing up-and-coming and lesser known talent. It's a philosophy that's taken the label far since...

Premiere: A1 – Generali Minerali – Acid Tears [USR019]

Tbilisi-based producer Generali Minerali steps up for the 19th release of Undersound Recordings. The London collective hit home once again delving deep into electro moods soaked with a gentle tenderness.

Premiere: B1 – J Mono – Acid_e [USR018]

For Undersound's 18th release, J Mono of Wedding Acid Group channels the trio's style of electrifying and haunting techno as he goes on a solo EP.

Premiere: A1 – Jared Wilson – Always Something [USR013]

The last two years have seen London based label Undersound Recordings ramp up their releases. Despite drawing a seven year stretch of hosting parties...

Premiere: A1 – Binh – Untitled [USRX]

There are few artists that are made for a particular label but Binh and Undersound Recordings are a pairing that few can argue with. Known...

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