Undersound Recordings to shutter events arm

It is always sad to see party promoters announce that they will no longer be putting on events, but when it comes to the London club scene there seems to be an unparalleled amount of competition. Making way for other like-minded souls to continue the good fight will be Undersound Recordings and as they have promoted some of the cities hottest parties for the last 7 years it was the right moment for the outfit to call time on throwing clubs on a regular basis.

The London staple has had an extremely good inning and until now has thrown some 32 parties with some amazing guests such as Binh, Andrew James Gustav, Alexandra and Janina amongst a host of other top selectors to grace the labels decks. One guest that stands out as being quite instrumental in the brands’ lineage and that is Turkish artist Onur Özer. It will be Onur that will be helping to draw this part of Undersounds legacy to a fitting close when he will take control of The Cause’s main room on Friday, March 1st where he will play an all night long set. Meanwhile, in room 2, Undersound regular Harry McCanna’s NorthSouth Records imprint will take care of business.

For fans of Undersounds releases fear not, this part of the brand will be fully intact, untouched and functioning at full power, those that snagged the 10th release from mnvr and omni causa will more than attest to this.

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