Paradigm and VBX linkup for their long awaited one day festival this May

With Holland sadly languishing in COVID-land until recently it is at last their time to emerge from their induced chrysalis to take their place as one of Europe’s most vibrant clubbing countries. With Amsterdam, often being the first word in the conversation there is a whole raft of fine events and promoter minds in Holland. Step forward Paradigm in Groningen.

Their special microcosm of electronica in the woods is as self-contained a party locale as you can get. The multi area miniature village is well known to those in the know and every year, as well as the regular events they hold there, they hold a one day event that covers a wide variety of sounds but mostly leaning on the techy underground sound we know and love so much. With their one day event not taking place since 2019 it is with bated breath that we announce the line-up that will be more than making up for lost time.

They will again be hooking up with brothers and sisters VBX and across the event and around the Forest Stage, Dome Stage, Romney stage and of course the club you will find an all-star cast of home grown stars and international heavy weights. In alphabetical order on the team sheet will be Zip, Voigtmann, UlsT, Tafkamp, Sweely (live), SIT, Reiss, Onur Özer, Manamana, Junki Inoue, Joren Edwards, Herra b2b Andy Luff, Gerrit de Boer, Benny Rodrigues b2b Ferro, Freddy K, ERIS, DJ Masda, Deniro, Colin b2b Roy Lodder and Abstract Division. As close as humanly possible to the ill-fated 2020 and 2021 event there has been a few tweaks and additions here and there but the spirit of Planet Paradigm can never be replaced or altered as much as the Dutch government tried.

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