Premiere: A2- Wedding Acid Group – Yellow 909 [USR016]

One of the most gratifying aspects of the digging craze that’s exploded within the past few years has been the long-overdue recognition that lesser-known producers have received. The search for less obvious and more obscure sounds has unearthed some fantastically talented producers who may have not received the attention they deserved otherwise.

In the London scene, now Berlin-based label Undersound played a vital role in this development, championing scene leaders such as Nicolas Lutz and Binh long before they were regulars on the European circuit as well as pushing names like Andrew James Gustav and Gwenan into circles outside of the capital. In the context of their history, their latest EP feels like an especially apt offering with Hungarian trio Wedding Acid Group stepping forward with their second vinyl-only release.

The group is compromised of J. Mono, Galactic Jackson, and Saint Ledal The 2nd, with every track on the EP recorded from their endless live sessions at Ballacid Studio. Blatant and uncompromising emotion can be hard to show in dancefloor-made electronic music, but this certainly isn’t the case with Wedding Acid Group’s Hazelnut Green EP and especially so on our premiere track Yellow 909.

It’s not hard to see where Yellow 909 might fit in the timeline of a night. As key progressions and the pulsating acid bassline drive the track forward and towards a climax, the emotion-drenched melody encompasses the track and feel handcrafted for closing. As the snappy snares and slicing hi-hats build-up to the main breakdown, it feels impossible not to miss the dancefloor as the synths encompass you in a blanket of nostalgia.

Also featuring on the five-track EP is the eery and melancholic electro track ‘Sensitive Tools’ whilst the A-side is rounded off by the electrifying bassline and spacey synths of ‘Thickening Agents’ which is anchored by punchy drums that are sure to kickstart any set. The flip side offers more sprightly takes on electro with ‘Chocoball 707’ and Hazelnut Green signs off with the wonderful ‘Paprika Dye Acid’, coupled with what is now a signature bassline that’s loaded with warmth and emotion.

Hazelnut Green EP is available to pre-order from Juno, Deejay, Yoyaku, and Clone.

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