Premiere: B1 – Sohrab – Sineking [USR015]

One of the features that’s come to define London-based Undersound Recordings is the versatility within the music they put out. Whether it’s releasing an EP from scene-leaders such as Binh, or an EP from a rising producer, like Etienne back in 2016 or even re-issuing a rare and sought after track, they do it all.

The label’s second compilation EP just so happens to do all the above and offers four tracks spanning twisting acid, freaky breaks, or prime-time techno. After the success of his debut EP on Andrew James Gustav’s Marginal Returns label, we’re incredibly happy to premiere Sohrab‘s track ‘Sineking’ from Undersound’s 15th release.

The drums induce a chronic case of shoulder swinging from the get-go, working in tandem with the rumbling bass and slicing hi-hats to create a driving peak-time track. However, it’s the morphing 101 bassline and nostalgic key progressions that elevate this track beyond a mere techno track, bringing it into more melodic and melancholic territory, perfect for when the sunlight is beginning to pierce through those Hoppetosse blinds.

Also featuring on the EP is Audio Quest’s ‘The Mental Screen’, a delicately esoteric and slightly haunting track that’s been fetching eye-watering prices on Discogs for a number of years. Jared Wilson returns to Undersound and rounds off the A-side with a signature melting acid track ‘Lynnwood2 Northgate Transit Center’ whilst KCLF completes the release with ‘Reloaded 9615’, a wonderfully complex breaks track that’s oozing with emotion.

Presales for Undersound’s Various II have started at Juno, Deejay, Yoyaku, and Clone.

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