Premiere: A1 – Sohrab – Mnemonic [domesticated005]

One of the most impactful Ukrainian DJs told me not so long ago, that he’s confident about the fact, that Bruno Schmidt with his close crew is writing and releasing the most interesting music in the house scene right now. I didn’t argue with him, because I’m kinda on the same page. You never know, where you’ll be driven by the end of the track, still all of them sound on the same high level. Like the new release of Bruno’s Domesticated label, part of which we’ll be premiering today. For the first time Domesticated is hosting the VA, and it kicks from the start.

The start of the compilation is the responsibility of Sohrab. One of the hottest producers nowadays, he’s starting with 6 minutes of beauty here on his “Mnemonic”. The track is built so well, you wouldn’t mind that its length would be, like, 6 hours or so. I can easily imagine the afterparty with Trommel Soundcloud-channel on the speakers and only this on repeat, to be honest. Yes, its structure is THAT well. And the main beauty of it – it doesn’t really change through the whole 6 minutes. Even on its little break in the middle. It is spacey – but only because of the extra-long chords. It is trancey – but only because of some little echo added, that makes it also a little bit more “bigroom”. And the moderate use of these, now very popular, even cheesy moods, doesn’t get you tired of the track, at all.

Enough of the A1, let’s go to the next one. Levat delivers a much calmer, throwback-y track, with, like, a 1% use of the also very popular “videogame music”. 8bit, but make it interesting – that’s his “Send Dunes” (wrote the name wrong the first time, great we’re not doing those reviews live). Omar Sebastian Chibarro (or just Omar) delivers some very Uruguayan on the “Hum” on B1 – probably, this will be my favorite track of his. And the Ukrainian wonderboy Sasha Zlykh, who recently featured in our premieres section, is closing the roster of this VA with his signature distracted melody and a very straight rhythm on the “Pino Greedjio”.

It seems, that you can already bet on how fast this record will become a sold-out, so better do not miss this one on Juno, Deejay, Decks or wherever you are buying your wax.

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