Premiere: A2 – Nu Zau – Nina La Clape (Vincentiulian Remix) [MTMLTD04]

At just shy of a year old, More Than Music has already secured it’s position among minimal’s most consistently appealing imprints. The Ibiza based outfit are now onto their fourth offering: MTMLTD004 the Nina La Clape EP, featuring three original cuts by UVAR boss Nu Zau and a remix by Vincentiulian.

The release marks Nu Zau’s third of 2019, following EPs on DXL and Curtea Veche. The plateauing of quality that often accompanies this kind of momentum is a distant concern for Nu Zau, who once again delivers what is nothing short of an elite release. The Nina La Clape EP is Nu Zau at his finest: exploring moods that are brooding yet playful as he layers versatile, DJ friendly arrangements with well-considered intricacy.

Our premiere takes the A2, Vincentiulian’s dynamic rework of the title track Nina La Clape. The cut packs more dancefloor drive than the original, but not at the expense of nuance. This is a balance Vincentiulian excels at, and the outcome is a pristinely produced after-hours roller that doesn’t need to build up or down to have an impact. The track’s impact lies in its driving bassline while a persistent kick and clap propel things forward at a modest 124bpm. Up top, modulating synths squiggle delicately while indecipherable vocals cut through the percussion with a Villalobos-like precision. Each element of the track sits modestly in the mix, a trait that will augur well with those who like to indulge in extended transitions. For such a synthetic sound, the atmosphere is pleasantly organic; for lack of a better description, it’s classically Romanian. In stripping back the original, Vincentiulian gives it the kind of ambiguous disposition that, in the hands of the right selector, has serious creative potential. Put plainly, you’ll hear this one played a lot, but it’s unlikely to sound the same twice.

With early support fromRaresh, Petre Inspirescu, Priku, Arapu, Sepp, Gescu, MTMLTD004 may be on heavy rotation over the upcoming season, but it’s unlikely to lose impact. Another timeless essential from More Than Music, the limited release 180g Nina La Clape EP is available for preorder now.

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