Premiere: A1 – Mihai Pol – Phonica Wednesday [MTMLTD003]

The past twelve months or so have been quite something for Romanian DJ and producer Mihai Pol.

Prior to 2018, he’d released on Trick Track Records and Capodopere, but it was at the start of last year where he really began to flex his producing muscles.

EPs released on Otaku Records and Synesthesia, as well as his track ‘Synkop‘, released on Feno Volana to an obscene amount of love from the scene. Of course, there was also the small matter of releasing his album on Lokomotiv.

With all that in mind, there now comes a reasonably high level of expectation when you see Mihai Pol’s name accompanied with a track.

For his releases on More Than Music, it’s quite evident those high expectations are met.

On the A side we have ‘Phonica Wednesdays’ which is a masterclass in building blissful tension. The track contains classic Mihai Pol groove with the 1 2 kick drum and claps designed to perfection. However, it’s the smooth, smile-inducing bassline which gives this track so personality, accompanied by keys that sound like a perfect fit for a place like Crazy Beach.

The EP also contains ‘Hard Decision on the B side. A track which has been a secret weapon of compatriot Arapu for a while now and one listen to the bassline is all you need to hear why. On B2 there’s a remix of Hard Decision from Viceversa, a far more driving and drop emphasised reconstruction of the track.

You can expect to see MTMLTD003 on record shelves soon. In the meantime, the record is exclusively available for one month at or at MTM Record Shop (Ibiza). Distribution via SubWax

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