Premiere: A1 – Paolo Mosca – Now I Know Their Name [SL025]

The ‘digger’ revelation in the past few years has inspired a new crop of producers to reference the organic sounds of lesser-known records from the past. However, the most memorable music that’s released from such references are the tracks which blend both new and old sounds as well as techniques into a wholly fresh approach.

The Berlin-based Slow Life crew are one of the best examples of this. They shine the spotlight on older, lesser-known records during their sets but push new and fresh-sounding music from mostly rising producers on their label. One such producer is Paolo Mosca, who recently featured on our 12 artists to watch in 2020 list, and on his La Teoria Delle Stringhe Vol. 2 EP for Slow Life’s 25th release, he showcases why.

The title track ‘Now I Know Their Name’ has been worming it’s way into the heads of dancers and prompting calls of ‘ID???’ for months now and it’s easy to see why. The defining ‘wow factor’ of the track is, of course, the quirky, acid-dipped chords which jolt the track into life during the breakdowns. The best effect is achieved in conjunction with the appearance of Mosca’s wonderfully crafted and enchanted melody as well as the zaps and groans of acid which splash around the bassline.

Also featuring on the four-track EP is ‘Fusion of Elements’, which illustrates the Italian’s soft-touch when it comes to creating more laidback and intricate music as heard by the esoteric melody and bubbling bassline. On the flip side, there’s the spellbinding ‘Fulmine’, a highly-distinctive track due to it’s cheeky sci-fi keys, a trance-inspired melody and a drop that’s been producing smiles upon the faces of Laurine and crowds alike for months. Rounding off the EP is ‘Aria’, a smooth and chilled trance track perfect for those early-morning after-hours.

When the tracks from Mosca’s latest EP were being teased in sets by the usual suspects, it was hard to tell whether they were from obscure, old records or simply unreleased. This gives reason to believe his music will stand the test of time.

La Teoria Delle Stringhe Vol. 2 will soon be available to buy from Juno, deejay or any good record store.

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