Premiere: D1 – Laurine & Cecilio – Era Un Ravero [SL033]

Slow Life don’t believe in rushing things. The collective’s name is a dead give-away, but it’s all about slowly baking the right elements for the right amount of time. ‘Chromophore Vol 2’ comes 6 years after the first instalment and the update is a timely reminder of just how on point the label and its associated artists are.

All tracks on the album are quintessential Slow Life heaters but our pick of the bunch is label main players Laurine and Cecilio and their track ‘Era Un Ravero’. Deep paddy synths give more than a nod to the 90’s house heyday and the rocking percussion and undulating bassline will easily stand out in any set. The repeating synths that just never tire on the ear also give such an enigmatic twist to the track and as always doubles down on their authenticity at the same time.

Elsewhere, big deep basslines, swinging percussion and funky musicality is found in spades. Fellow crew founder S Moreira teams up Luis Malon on ‘Vamo Arriba’ while Primary Perception’s exceptional breaks on ‘Why Did You Stay’ completes side A. Alex Neri joins the family with his uplifting ‘Moods’ and Paolo Mosca’s ‘Digital Connection’ offers a moodier tone to end side B.

Indi Zone slows things down considerably with ‘Comtessa Slice’ while Lost Twin eases the tempo back up a notch with ‘RR2099’. Rounding out another fire release from Slow Life is Formas’ Bajo Cero’. Going through these tracks it is easy to see just why Slow Life and all the associated artists are so highly prized, being top producers, musicians and DJ’s is a must and leaving the soundtrack in their hands for any length of time is an exceptional idea.

‘Chromophore Vol 2’ is now available to pre-order via Phonica.

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