Premiere: A1 – Triform – Vinaloop [FAC-01]

Most people’s first encounter with Triform’s ‘Vinaloop’ came with the sight of a clapping Christian AB alongside a grinning Ferro at A’DAM Toren with the video dominating the social media waves with cries of the usual ‘Track ID???’ to no success. After a few months of re-circulations, our shrugs of indifference led to the belief that this was an impossible-to-find track and would remain unknown indefinitely.

Except it wasn’t an obscure, ’90s limited press track from an even more obscure label, but the track ‘Vinaloop’, from Triform aka Scott Featherstone, which launches Desyn‘s new label, Faciendo. The digging renaissance has elevated interest in older music like few could’ve imagined, with producers like Scott, whose records from the late ’90s have fetched a pretty penny on Discogs, being able to release music to the masses some two decades later thanks to one of the finest diggers in the scene, Desyn.

The relationship between the two was sparked by the label head’s natural curiosity for music. After Scott’s music from his Deeper Audio Cuts had received heavy play in Desyn’s sets, he reached out to talk about Scott’s releases which have become highly sought after in the vinyl-hunting circles. Whilst Scott had never stopped making music, Desyn’s interest and an introduction to the Small Black Dots team have led to a revisit of older projects and the release of entirely new music.

It’s easy to see why it was instantly pegged as an obscure ’90s track and that’s not untrue with ‘Vinaloop’ being dug up from old DATs. It’s not limited to closing track duties but it does feel perfect for the role, the thumping drums, the scintillating rolls of the snare, the boom of the bass. But there’s also a distinct blanket of melancholy which encompasses both the melody and the bassline, which is what makes it such a compelling track for closing the curtains on a special night.

‘Vinaloop’ breathes beauty from its minor details, too. The glistening melody, intermittent keys which burst into life throughout, and also the spliced twangs and bloops of quirky modular sounds. It’s a fantastic ode to the Detroit-inspired mid-late 90s UK techno which has become a key favourite of some of the best DJs in our scene. A track like ‘Vinaloop’ also offers a wholesome bridge between the younger DJs that have given this music a new lease of life in the current climate but mainly gives kudos to the pioneers who produced this music in the first place. The kudos aren’t just sentimental either, with Scott now re-emerging on the DJing and live set scene.

Also featuring on the Vinaloop EP is the bustling ‘Lifeflows’, perfect for kicking the tempo up or a gear or two thanks to it’s high-energy, driving bassline and electrifying strings. Vinaloop also gets the remix treatment from man-of-the-moment, Liquid Earth, who transforms the track into a melodic roller, complete with a gliding melody, bopping bassline, and smooth drum-programming, ideal for when those Hoppetosse blinds are flicked open.

Triform ‘Vinaloop’ EP is now available exclusively at Small Black Dots.

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