Seekers combine with Faciendo for a joint showcase at Hoppetosse

With Berlin deep in the icy grip of winter all parties have long moved from CDV to Hoppetosse. There is absolutely no chance of the dancefloor going cold on this floating club though as the curation of the parties there are second to none. Kicking off on Friday, February 17th there will be a meeting of minds that has been cemented in Barcelona and has now travelled to Berlin. Alex Picone’s seekers will be joining forces with Desyn’s Faciendo imprint to deliver a sonic journey across a whole weekend.

From the point of view of seekers, there will be a full complement of family members in Alex Picone, Cosmic JD, and the infectious Nick. From the side of Faciendo, their fearless leader Desyn will present the Faciendo Soundsystem, which having debuted at Lion & Lamb just last month includes the triple threat of label boss Desyn, Rama, and Tom Morgan. Making his live Berlin debut is hotshot artist Eversines, having recently released on seekers sub label Twig, the high-octane electro leaning imprint is the perfect place for the Dutchman’s up-tempo bombs.

The final part to this leg of the party will be the Chill Floor and here you will find sets from Berlin based Wex label boss Marco Malpeso. As well this imprint he also has a few others up his sleeve – AHAADDay By DayLa LunaTelomere PlasticTrix Trax and Daaha. Completing this section of the ride will be a live set from Faciendo artist, and if you cast your eyes down this page you can check out his latest creation. Previous outings have seen the Italian turnout a diverse array of bangers for top labels Half Baked, Rawax, Open Channels for Dreamers and Hardworksoftdrink.

A special downtempo ambient live set by Luca Piermattei, a DJ set by Bikini Waxx owner Yannik and an electronic downtempo DJ set by a veteran of DNB/Breaks and very eclectic dj Stefano Aluzzi set complete the downstairs affair.

This is not the end of this party though as there will be an after party to at a secret venue that will be extending the vibes well into Sunday morning, running under the Studio Carbonell flag. There will be many more DJ’s added to this lineup and to ensure that the music will have the right impact and effect it will be powered by Funktion One, including: Monile, fresh from a Trommel mix, Closer resident Sasha Zlyhk, DJ Service, a vibrant Catalan duo, and Thom + of course special guests from the main Hoppetosse event.

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Each respective crews’ labels are also firing out brand new music left and right. What is so beautiful about this joint proposition is that what seekers and Faciendo offer is so intertwined and unbelievably complimentary it should be illegal. Amongst other things, one of the main elements that binds the two groups together is Faciendo boss Desyn. Having been a major part of the seekers family for some time the UK artist is a constant force in Barcelona, this marriage of sounds was evident at last years’ OFF Week party which featured Alex Picone, Desyn and Triform.

Beginning with seekers next outing and SKR009 will be a sprawling 2 x LP release that utilises 4 tracks that were recorded to tape cassette in the ‘90s and 4 tracks recorded in the ‘00s. Treading a fine line between deep house and almost acid house moods. The energy levels build nicely throughout the release with the second disc offering the more banging soundtrack. We won’t ruin the discovery of this fine release but most of you reading this will be as excited as we are about the prospect of a new double EP from seekers.

Faciendo also have more music on the way and after their last acid soaked EP from Matthias and of course the stonewall classic from fellow crew binder Triform another bad boy release is expected. Their next release will more than live up to the previous high standards as there is not one artist to choose from but 4. Catching a well-rounded cross section of styles, on side A the VA combines Justin Zerbst’s Detroit influenced ‘Wave Rider’, Luca Piermattei ‘s subtle deep and crispy ‘Venice’, while on side B Skelter’s bass fuelled ‘Intellect’ and the rude Digiburra from LOIF.

Seekers head honcho Alex Picone will also very shortly be presenting his next release under his given name. Having last ventured out on OCD Open Channel for Dreamers back in 2018, Alex returns with the 4 track ‘Late Labyrinth’ EP. Offering a myriad of sounds ranging from squelchy synths of ‘Playground’, the spacey grooves of ‘Chocolate Rushes’, upper tempo rhythms of ‘Rage Road Record’ and finally the acid naughtiness of ‘Swindler’. Alex Picone again demonstrates his keen ear for sounds that are both respectful of the past but pushing his sound into the future. All these releases are clearly going to fly out the door and like the majority of the labels that are distributed by Small Black Dots these labels will be producing similarly top notch music for some time to come.

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