Premiere: A2 – Dan Piu – Evanescens Punctum [SKR011]

The unknown artist imprint out of Barcelona known as seekers is one of the most respected series committed to vinyl. From the mind of Alex Picone, he has again struck gold with these unreleased gems from 1998. Taken from Dan Piu’s DAT, this release covers the perfect spread of vintage sounds that have the air of authenticity that only seekers can provide.

Beginning with our pick of the EP, and it was a tough choice, we have “Evanescens Punctum” and Dan Piu’s roomy, vintage sound, but yet packs a serious punch. Waning string pads perhaps give a nod to the trancey sound that peppered house music at the time, almost like a hangover from the warehouse era of the late early 90’s. With a slightly lower bpm than other part of the EP, “Evanescens Punctum” is a brooding slab of deep house, when house was actually deep. The completion of side A comes from “Metamorphic Frequencies” and this is a much more uptempo affair with arpeggiating synths and a dancing string motif offering a euphoric slant to the release. The drum sounds are contrastingly raw with the repeated 707 clap sound just as good today as it did in the 90’s.

FLipping over to side B and “Ancient Lands” is a totally different beast. Increased tempo which by today’s standards is not out of place but the 138bpm may at first glance seem off putting to a deep house head but the game has changed. The fluted synths and bleepy nature of the accompanying FX could place this in any number of sonic scenarios. Rounding out yet another excellent release from seekers is the swing heavy groove of “Touch” and again this treads similarly to the previous timeless works but this time there is a swagger in the percussion that points to this being a tracked precursor to his current work. There is a clear line of sight from this point to present day and it is a clear sign of the myriad of excellent works that have the Dan Piu stamp of excellence from the past 20+ years.

You can grab SKR011 now from the label Bandcamp now.

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