Seekers head to Nicaragua for a special nine hour label showcase alongside 4am Records

Seekers are heading to South America for a unique showcase in Nicaragua.

The 4am Records collective are the ones to invite seekers to this corner of the world. Their crew have become synonymous with low-key, loose parties in the city, inviting the likes of Anah, Velasco and Lumiere over the years. It’s clear there is a strong connection between Nicaragua and Barcelona. The two Spanish-speaking cities have a special relationship to this wiggy, analogue-focused music driven by the likes of Seekers and Loud Contact in Barcelona.

Taking over the capital city Managua, Alex Picone will be joined by the prolific Cosmic JD and Daniel for a memorable nine-hour session in the city. Picone’s light in the underground has been shining bright for many years now. From the frequent showcases at Berlin’s Hoppetosse and CDV, to the record store and distribution in Barcelona, plus his mind-blowing ability behind the turntables, this is sure to be an inspiring party.

The event will take place on September 1st which lands on a Friday, leaving much room for the party to continue well into the morning. Music will begin at 10pm and roll through to 7am, destined for some magic sunrise moments from this innovative crew of selectors.

Hotel Cesar, the venue welcoming the crew looks quite the special location. Tucked away in a sea of plants and a small pool, this magical spot is sure to cater for a wonderfully cosy and intimate affair.

With only the three artists on the bill, you can expect extended sets for each of them through great sound systems. Extra effort is poured into these unique curations where music truly comes first and there is little margin for profits for the promoters.

Artists are encouraged to dig deep and express themselves over a generous amount of set time. Dive into the world of Seekers and 4am Records.

Buy tickets for the Seekers showcase here.

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