Review: Liquid Earth – Transcedenton EP [BSU004]

The Butter Side Up lads return with their fourth release, this time with Californian-born producer Taylor Freels, aka. Liquid Earth, at the helm. The Leeds/London based label have previously seen releases from Sweely, Midge Thompson and Christian Jay – each record with its own gravitational pull towards the dance floor. Taylor’s upbeat take on house slides in seamlessly into what is fast becoming the signature sound of Butter Side Up. Following on from his podcast for the label last year, he’s now dropped four fresh new tracks.

Better known as Urulu, Taylor’s already well-known brand of house has seen releases on Andy Hart’s label Voyage, as well as Tartelet and Let’s Play House. Regularly described as producing ‘sun-drenched’ beats, it’s clear some of Taylor’s Californian warmth has also trickled into his Liquid Earth alias, with an unmistakably cosmic twist.

The A1 track, ‘Twisted Metal’, is a satisfying blend of warping synths and a punchy bassline. Combine this with an array of samples comparable to pulling the trigger on a laser gun, and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The A2, ‘Senator Bongwater’s Revenge’ (another of Taylor’s aliases), is a wicked groove with a sense of urgency that runs throughout the track, unexpectedly soothed with a sun-kissed synth in the latter half. Whenever outdoor parties return – this tune, the sun on your face, and a cold beer in hand is sure to be a heavenly combo.

On the flip side is the title track from the EP, ‘Transcedenton’. Slick yet trippy, and seasoned with more outlandish effects, all bound together with silky synths. Rounding off the EP, Neutral circuits is perhaps the most cosmic of the bunch, gliding through space on drawn-out synths with energetic drums, this one works on two levels – prime time in the club or cruising through a summer’s day.

Out now at Phonica, Deejay, and other record stores.

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