Trommel.151 – Liquid Earth

Californian native Taylor Freels has been shaping dancefloors for some time and in a past life under the name Urulu has had quite an impact our community. Having shelved the project momentarily a new alias has sprouted in the form of Liquid Earth. With countless bangers already under his belt Taylor is a core member of many taste making collectives, Butter Side Up, Kalahari Oyster Cult all benefit from his refined dancefloor focused style. Not staying in one place for too long but more than happy to revisit certain time periods in house music but with a revised vigour and wide eyed appreciation for the love that has gone into the original source material.

All this work has gravitated towards Taylor cultivating his very own outlet for his most choice cuts and this comes in the shape of Liquid Earth Physical. Made for the lathe, his upcoming debut release on his brand spanking new imprint is ‘The Electronic Brain’ EP and is four slabs of peak time house and by his own admission is “part ’80s sleaze, part ’90s deepness and part ’00s wiggle wrapped into one package.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves as from track to track more and more layers of the Liquid Earth sound unfolds. From the sweeping lasers and filtering synths of title track ‘The Electronic Brain’ to the wonky synths of ‘Vector Boy And The Horse With Three Legs, the retro basslines of ‘Bubblepop and finally twisted lushness of ‘Stingray Shuffle’ this is Liquid Earth from start to finish.

The very same can be said about his long-awaited mix for our podcast series. From the beginning the mix transports the listener to the middle of a Liquid Earth set. Acid wiggles, shimmering pads, bumpy basslines and above all else the sheer energy and attitude that accompanies all facets of Taylor’s work. This is definitely a mix to pour over time and time again as more sounds and angles reveal themselves.

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