Premiere: B1 – Ricardo Villalobos – Detrant [RWX013]

RIcardo Rawax

Following the news of his return back in June, Ricardo Villalobos lands again on Rawax with a two-track EP.

The Chilean’s healthy output of music has been a silver lining to 2020’s crippling impact on club culture. ‘Aslohop’ marks his third vinyl release this year, following a collaboration with Edward, and the previously premiered ‘Periodico’ with Maher Daniel.

‘Detrant’ wanders through a 13-minute introspection into the mind of Ricardo. A plucky acoustic guitar riffs dance around mantra-like vocal samples and twitchy, metallic drums shifting through various paces.

The long-form arrangement highlight’s the Perlon artist’s unique ability to say a lot, with very little. Developments are subtle, with a strong improvisational feel meandering through multiple moods. It sounds like tuning into a studio jam that could have been happening for hours.

Soothing singing bowl-esque atmospheres bring a somber, contemplative sentiment to the track. Lush chords occasionally wash over-energetic, samba style percussion, veering into darker, uncertain territories that feel somehow familiar in these isolated times.

It’s the kind of minimal labyrinth often heard in the early hours of a Villalobos DJ set. Lean hats cut between stern snare drums and a bed of cryptic, head-scratching textures perfect for puzzling the after-hour dance floor.

‘Neunachi’ fills the flip side with another pensive, long-form piece. Curious rhythms anchor a sea of sticky, peculiar textures slipping in and out of vast, organ-like choir sounds.

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