Premiere: B1 – Denis Kaznacheev – From The Best Sources [JFD001]

Having been keeping you all up to date on the plight of Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev since his incarceration it is fantastic to see him finally on the outside where he can make his case properly. Adding much-needed context to this difficult point in his life is the 2-track ‘True Out of Brew’ EP, recorded directly before his equipment was confiscated prior to his arrest this body of work is an extremely personal piece of art and will forever act as a timestamp in Denis’ career.

As well as the timing of this EP the fact that this is the first release that Denis has used his own voice and listening to the B1 ‘From The Best Sources’ makes us wonder why he has waited so long. Of course, it is not an easy thing to use your own voice as an artist and it takes a lot of balls to develop confidence in your own voice. However, like we said before Denis shouldn’t have waited so long. The swaggering groove and off-kilter musical elements suit Denis’s fluid Russian accent and with his musings on his preferred source of smoking material the abstract reduced grooves weave effortlessly between each other.

A1 ‘True Out of Brew’ is a much more introspective outing where even more of Denis’ cooly balanced vocals have been recorded, tweaked, stretched, and chopped to fit with the elongated piano chords and subtle drum programming. As with both sides of this sublime release the 2 tracks fill each side of the record so there is plenty of great mix points dotted around each side. With Denis’s case still ongoing the proceeds from this release will go towards funding his legal proceedings. If you are browsing in physical record stores there is little chance of you missing this release as the artwork is taken from the well subscribed online group dedicated to fighting his innocence and what better way to do yourself by picking up the first release on Justice For Denis.

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