Bail granted for Denis Kaznacheev in relation to his extradition case

The news that imprisoned Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev and his legion of supporters have been waiting for has finally come and that is that bail has been granted. Originally the decision to grant Denis bail was due to be delivered around Monday, July 20th but the news was announced earlier today that Denis would be able to await the verdict on his extradition at home. This is understandably a massive step in the right direction and with Denis having to check in with the police 3 times a week and cannot leave Berlin he will be able to finally relax before the next stage in his extradition fight.

To support Denis’ innocence his lawyer has put forward many letters of recommendation as well as 22,000 signatures that have been collected via the petition as supporting evidence. This successful application for bail is also accompanied by a request for the full content of the formal extradition demand to be submitted by the US, with access to the case file still being sealed by the US authorities. By doing so this will allow Denis’ defense to proceed down a more Human Rights avenue and will file a formal request with the European Court of Human Rights challenging the extradition procedure that has been brought against Denis through the application of ‘Rule 39’.

In the meantime, there have been a number of events taking place over the last few weeks with more planned for the coming days. The first of them was yesterday July 12th at dB studio, where Serialism Records and Kōrero arranged a line-up of friends, and the event was streamed by RTS.FM Radio.

There will also be a demonstration in front of Moabit prison that is planned for Saturday, July 18th where you will be able to show your support for Denis’ cause – more details here

You can also still sign and donate via the following links,

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