Trommel.102 – Denis Kaznacheev

Details of Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev’s recent and ongoing legal battle have been well documented across the underground so it is great to a true hero of our community back performing and creating. With a tireless team of cohorts surrounding him Denis’ Nervmusic imprint has continued to flourish and represent him even while on lockdown.

Having recently premiered his most up to date productions we are thrilled to finally welcome Denis to our podcast series where he turns in a suitably sterling mix jam-packed with leftfield minimalism, deeper shades of house, and some secret weapons that will likely remain that way for some time. The much-loved artist embodies the true artistic side of the genre we call home and the meandering and highly nuanced journey bleeds from his productions effortlessly into his DJ sets. Denis’ mix for the 102nd edition of our longrunning podcast is an ideal snapshot of this exciting artist that has much more to say…

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