US Justice Department renew Denis Kaznacheev extradition case

The story of arrested Russian artist Denis Kaznacheev seemed like it had taken a turn for the better when he was released under bail in July of 2020. This was not to be the case forevermore as the US Justice Department has renewed attempts to have Denis extradited to the USA to stand trial for the crimes he is merely alleged of committing.

Since his release, last year and long before that his loyal supporters have tirelessly been campaigning his innocence. The various live streams, social media posts, and signatures have all gone towards this worthy cause. Now that Denis’ case has risen its ugly head once again Kaznacheev needs your support to beat this rap.

If you haven’t done so already it is possible to lend your support by sharing and posting the new artwork that has been made publicly available. As well as the public show of support on social media a petition can be found HERE. It is these signatures that will be presented to Kammergericht in Berlin where Denis will plead his case to be tried in Germany rather than the USA.

#justicefordenis #waveofnoise

More info on Denis Kaznacheev
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