Trommel.178 – Charonne

The Parisian duo of Alex Tran & Noé Bailleux are well known for blowing up countless dancefloors, but their musical influences are slightly harder to pin down. The reason for this is that there are more than a handful of different sounds that inform their productions and DJ sets. This is most definitely their superpower and being able to draw on so many sounds from their locker means that you never know which direction Charonne is going to go in next.  

French electronic music has always had a certain funk to it and has a certain air of creativity that has always been emulated but never replicated. Rakya Records bosses Charonne are a prime example of this French creative flair, melding hip hop, funk, jazz, house, techno into a cohesive package is something that they have been doing since day one. With standout releases for Automatic Writing, Lowmoneymusiclove, and of course their recently minted Velvet Spirit imprint

For avid followers of Charonne and their meteoric rise their mix for our podcast series will come as no surprise. For the occasion the pair have stitched together a suitably heady collection of tracks that produce a groove laden journey through a wide variety of electro tinged hot spots. 

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