Premiere: A2 – Numero 6 – I’d Rather Dance [VS003]

Charonne are keeping the pace on their Velvet Spirit label with the third release this year. And, as you can see from our headline, for the first time they will have some guests there. With the special appearance of the hosts themselves, of course. But we decided to premiere another track from the record. You should already be familiar with the name if you’re a steady Trommel reader.

Numero 6 was in our premieres section not so long ago, with his release on La Boomerie, this time the sound is kinda similar, but still a bit different and interesting anyway. “I’d Rather Dance” is buying us with those sexy female vocals and also sexy fat basslines. If you close your eyes and just listen – it could be taken as a track from the previous release on Velvet Spirit. Easily. On the edge of radio pop hit and underground dancefloor filler. Just as we love it.

The opener of the record is “Oh No (Baklava Mix)” by Kiddy Castle. Slightly tribalistic take on those fat basslines we have here. With a very fun atmosphere, may even send somebody to their favorite Ed Banger records, no? It worked for me, at least. Pierre Marty on the B-side with “Future Moves” makes a bit more serious joint, still with that nod to some French house on the edge of the 90s and 00s. Sexy fat basslines included, of course.

And, of course, Charonne. Closing the record with “All Dayz”. Bubbling and buzzing track, that’s finishing our bassline story for today. As they often make it – not too fast, you’re going to enjoy the pace here. But, I can imagine how great it will sound on +5 speed on some huge dancefloor.

The previous two records were sold out easily. Can’t see why this VS003 won’t join them on Discogs 30+ euros category very soon. Until that time – the record is available at Deejay, Decks, Yoyaku or any other good record shop.

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