Premiere: B1 – Numero 6 – Vicious [VS004]

When we picked a track from Numero 6 for our last premiere of the Velvet Spirit label, little did we know that we’d soon see this name on the label again. The fourth installment from the label is exclusively dedicated to him, offering “three bangers and the afterparty delicacy.”

Let’s kick off with the bangers, and the standout is “Vicious.” I’d say it’s a signature both for the artist and the label – a moderate pace, buzzing bassline, and those very sexy French vocals. The vocals get a little redo towards the middle of the track, adding a touch more sexiness while keeping things interesting.

The record starts with “Midnight Treat,” a track featuring a few stripped-down voices and a massive “whooo” sample. The buzzing is present as well, playing a significant role in substituting the melody almost entirely. “Are You Sure (Indy Jane Mix)” has all those ingredients too, but its vibe is a bit gloomier than its neighbor’s, which probably explains its position on A2.

To be honest, I initially expected some kind of outro for the last track on this record, but “Bloodline” is far from that – just a solid, slow example of Numero 6’s signature sound, present throughout this release. I can assure you, that it can be played nut just on afterparties.

You already know how quickly the Velvet Spirit records sell out, so you better act fast if this one caught your ear. Deejay, Decks, yoyaku or wherever you’re buying your wax. As usual.

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