Premiere: B1 – Charonne – This Is Just A Game [VS002]

So, the first release on Charonne’s new imprint Velvet Spirit, obviously went into quick soldout and they decided to pump another one. And it seems, that it will repeat the destiny of its predecessor. At least, you can hear it in today’s track.

“This Is Just A Game” is a type of Charonne’s tracks that just was made to be listened to on a great sound. To feel all those fat basslines inside. Then comes that filtered melody, that’s kind of sneaking from behind until the full bloom in the middle of the track. And those sexy female vocals – sexy in some robotic way, I would say. Really, it just was built for our videos section, am I right?

Its neighbor, “Bad”, which closes the record, didn’t really do far from the B1. The basslines are not fat, but the bubbling adds some extra weight here. Sexy vocals are here again, but this time, also with some hip-hop vibe. A moderately calm rave tune, I would say.

“Ace Of Clubs” takes us into some noughties with all those chopped vocals and staccato rhythm. Some Para One-Institubes era, just much more delicate (but – again – we’re hearing some bubbling here). “Tricks And Denim” is giving you another piece of nostalgia (have you heard Joe & Jessey’s “Traumarchive”? RIGHT? Understand now?)

So, I’m a little bit worried, that, while you are reading this, the record has already become unavailable. But who knows – give it a shot at Juno, Deejay or Decks. Just wondering if they’re going to do the VS003 soon.

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