Premiere: A1 – Charonne – Overload [VS001]

Rakya crew shared a bunch of news at the end of 2022, that even had us a bit worried. At first – Charonne duo announced a new label Velvet Spirit, and then the crew on their Instagram post announced the end of their booking agency. Still, nothing to worry about. This is JUST the end of the booking agency (not the party series and the label), and Charonne are not going away from the crew either, they assured me personally. So, that means, that we’re having one more great label coming. Good.

The label starts with a serious bang. “Overload”, which will start the label’s history, can easily be considered one of the best pieces ever, that are coming from Charonne. Hitting hard from the start with its bassline melody under the hats. The spoken voice part is the juiciest thing here – you just have to decide whether you like the male or the female version more. Or you’ll wait for the second part of the track and crave those aquatic pieces, well-known on some Forest Ill tunes. Anyway, the six minutes are going away with a blink – probably, that’s a sign of quality.

We’re also having two versions of “Break Thru” track on the record, both are made by Charonne. The original one is a bit calmer, and the “Alien Funk Refix” is a bit more energetic, I like that more. Also, there is “Sentimento” – a moderately short stomper, that has a bit of synth and funky vibes.

Knowing the history of Charonne’s releases, we’re probably having a historic piece here on VS001. So don’t miss it – head to Juno, Deejay, yoyaku or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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