Premiere: A1 – Aldonna – Divine Time [SEXTAPE003]

Not so long ago, when we had the premiere of HIPS001, I told you to remember the name of Aldonna, because we’d come back to it very soon. Well, the time has come, and one of my favorite labels (because of the naming, obviously) Sex Tapes From Mars is ready to present the whole EP by her. And the whole EP is about pace, sun and… pace again!

You can feel it from the first seconds of the opener, “Divine Time”, it plays no silly games with you, just allows you, like, 30 seconds to adjust and after that you’ll only get an increase of that tribalistic mayhem. Big room echoed female voice is playing your guide during this high-speed trip, disappearing only for a brief moment in the middle just to come back and take you from that hole with those summer-of-92 chords. One of the sunniest joints I’ve heard this year so far.

And that’s not all – Cromby did a remix of this one, which made it even a little heavier. At first these hats at the beginning, then – the relocated ravey chords from the middle of the original, now, with that gentrification they’re presented at the beginning as well. The track becomes even more epic, yes. On the A2 position we’re having a collaboration with Sam Alfred. “Ikigai” is a little bit lighter than those other two, we were just talking about. But the grooviness is the same. “Ella” on the B1, is just another 135BPM-ed ravey beauty, designed for that moment, when the night is just about to end.

I can easily imagine a quick sold-out here, so, you know – Juno, Deejay, ColdCuts // HotWax, blah blah blah. You’re going to search for tracks like these in the summer anyway, so why not do yourself a favor and save some time in the future?

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