Premiere: B1 – HearThug – Buzz! Look An Alien (Oh No-No Mix) [SEXTAPE004]

A humble, nice, Bristol-based label with one of the meanest names (and especially, the CATNUMs) in history ever – Sex Tapes From Mars is preparing their next release in their main series. This time, their guest is HearThug, representing Tunisia. You probably heard the name on various compilations at labels like Fraise Records or One Eye Witness, to name a few. This time he’ll be just by himself. We were promised “a robotic excursion into gritty, tongue in cheek vocoder, bolstering acid lines and vintage pad swoons”, let’s check if that’s true.

Today’s premiere with a long name “Buzz! Look An Alien (Oh No-No Mix)”, opens the B-side of the record with a hard kick. I’m not talking about roughness, but about dance rhythm, that will get you moving right from the start. A quite delicate piece of melody will walk with you hand-in-hand, sometimes leaving for the talking vocals. If you’re curious if you will hear the name of the track inside it – yes, you will, just in the middle of it.

Staying on the B-side, that sometimes [is not what it seems]. The melody, that you’re going to recognize even if you didn’t watch the series. Plus, very nice mood changes here. A damn good cup of coffee track. That’s “The Dreams Let You Die”.

“Computerized Souls”, that is opening the record, is much heavier, than everything we heard on the B-side, if we’re talking about the percussion (that’s when the phrase “opens with a kick” should be used, probably). Always lovely vocodered vocals are another great addition to the track. Another one there is “Generation Of Robots” which is full of punchy bassline buzzing, we’re almost having a touch of some 80s electro vibes here. But no, that’s the 2020s, don’t be fooled.

The record is already on pre-sale, you can easily find it on Juno, Deejay, Subwax or wherever you’re buying your wax. As usual.

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